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Mark in Spiral at The Park Theatre, London

"Tomlinson is riveting...a psychotic savage....a powder-keg waiting to outstanding, unhinged performance" 

 Stage Review ★★★★

 Mark in Spiral at The Park Theatre, London

"Kevin Tomlinson sends shivers down your spine as boyfriend Mark"


 Stage Review ★★★★



Mark in Spiral at The Park Theatre, London


"Leah is dominated by her boyfriend/pimp played expertly by Kevin Tomlinson. The scenes between them are difficult to watch at times, totally believable and fraught with tension...fantastic performances". ★★★★

 Mark in Spiral at The Park Theatre, London


"Brilliantly acted...scenes between Mark and Leah are chillingly memorable"

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Kevin as Fred


 Kevin as Billy in a KEPOW! show



Abi as Beryl and Kevin as Fred in a KEPOW! show